About Us

Feeling tired and frustrated with unreliable compressed air supply…? Paying vendor exorbitant price with problems remained unresolved…?

Air Power Resources is here to help...!

Air Power Resources is a knowledge company. We bring innovative compressed air solutions to the market place in ways that benefit our customers and are ecologically sustainable.

With more than 5000 successful installations under our belt since 1984, we are a veteran in designing the optimum compressed air solution for any conceivable application. Our knowledge and experience extend to demanding industries such as oil & gas, power plant, water reclamation plant, subway & light-rail, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biomedical and aerospace etc.

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Singapore: +65-6545 1831

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Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh: +84-650 3713 111

Air Power Resources serves as the “main entrance” to all your compressed air needs.