Desiccant Dryer


With flow rates from 4-35 scfm, our range of lower flow PRODRY models provide a proven solution for compressed air drying and are ideal for smaler point of use applications.

Designed to deliver optimum performance in line with the highest standards of air purity, meeting the quality classes specified in ISO 8573-1:2010, PRODRY models PD0004 to PD035 are supplied as standard with XA grade 0.01 micron coalescing filter.

This highly reliable, high efficiency range of dryers is 100% function tested prior to despatch and is supplied with a DIN plug for a fast and efficient installation.


Serviceability - Ease of service is foremost to the PRODRY design, desicant columns are easily removed, allowing access to desiccant cartridges for quick and efficient change out.

Reliability - The PD0004 - PD035 design incorporates highly reliable 12 VDC solenoid control valves which operate diaphragm exhaust valves. The control valves are set to be 'normally closed', a fail safe that ensures that the dryer will still provide compressed air - even in the event of a power failure.

Energy Efficient Design - Energy management features are built-in into PRODRY's LED Controller (supplied as standard). The compressor can be linked to the energy management contacts, isolatin the purge flow during periods of low demand for efficient use of cmpressed air.

LED Controller Supplied as Standard - Both smaller and larger flow models come with an LED Controller, providing continuous updates on dryer performance via an intelligent built-in central processing unit (CPU). The LED Controller illuminates to alert in the event of low power faults, controller faults, drain valve faults, solenoid failures and when service intervals have been reached. An external alarm process is built-in ofering total security and peace of mind.

Low Cost of Ownership - Walker Filtration's dryers are designed to deliver optimum performance and financial benefits. Features such as an integral electronic drain, service interval indication and integrated condensate management are included in the standard dryer package.

Universal Power Supply - PRODRY units PD004 to PD035 can recognise any voltage between 100 - 240 VAC, 50 or 60Hz and also any voltage between 12 to 24 VDC. Dryers feature unique multiple inlet and outlet orts enabling both left-hand and right-hand compressed air supply and greater installation flexibility.

Quiet Operation - Internal Walker Filtration designed silencer to reduce noise levels to below 85 dBA.

Desiccant Cartriges - Cartridge design includes an internal filtration and controlled desiccant bed geometry ensuring consistant dewpoint performance and simple maintenance.

Integrated Condensate Management - Essential to maximising dryer efficiency, condensate management features are supplied as standard with all PD004 to PD035 Units. Units are supplied with an integral 12VDC solenoid drain valve which is controlled and operate by the CPU. Two external push-in fittings are provided on the rear panel which can be connected to the drain port of the pre-filter(s).

























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